To fellow AAP supporters – congratulations. To fellow BJP supporters- well, Delhi wanted something else this time. The reason for this post is, I’ll take a page out of history from my favourite national leader of all time,

“Then PM PV Narasimha Rao called Vajpayee to complain that his finance minister Manmohan Singh had taken criticism of his budget by the opposition to heart and had offered to resign.

During a career spent mostly in opposition, Vajpayee had criticized everyone, from Nehru to his daughter Indira, but never realized it could hurt someone so much. Ghatate says Vajpayee immediately called Singh and told him not to take such comments to heart as they were meant to score political points. The Rao government was saved an embarrassment, and a new friendship was forged. ”

In the run up to last three elections (Delhi, India, Delhi), we all have been actively voicing our political opinions on social media, and I’ll credit both AAP and BJP for making politics much more participative. Today we have resounding mandates at both national and state levels, and roughly 5 years for both of them to deliver on their promises. As citizens, I guess, we all just want a better India, and a better Delhi. During the campaign phase, there have been differences of opinion, which often digresses to name calling and personal attacks. I’ll admit I have been guilty of the same often, but also point out that I have been at the receiving end of such language as well. I usually do not take home any grudges or offense from a political debate, and I hope those who have been offended by me in turn are happy enough with today’s win, to forgive and forget in return.

The last few election campaigns touched new lows, supporters of all parties should be ashamed of it. Just as a quick reminder, do watch the following video

Note that the terms

incompetent insensitive irresponsible brazenly corrupt – Atal Bihari Vajpayee, quoting Sonia Gandhi’s article

used by the leader of opposition were considered highly objectionable by the then PM. These are used like loose change in today’s political arena. I hope we can go back to dignified political discourse in the near future. Just as race, religion, caste and creed should not be barriers between people, I believe so should not be political allegiance. And I would be writing the exact same message, even if BJP won today, because even after the Lok Sabha win by BJP, I had said the same. Also I wish both sides remember very important words said by Modi after his Gujarat assembly wins – “The government is for the people who voted for it. This govt is also for the people who voted against it, and this govt is definitely also for those who did not vote at all”, and very important words said by Kejriwal today “ahankar na ane dena kabhi”.

Let’s all look forward to ‪#5saalkejriwal and ‪#modisarkar‬, criticizing bad decisions and praising good ones without bias or cynicism. It’s no doubt that the last year has infused high amount of negativity into general public as far as political discussions are considered. Let’s all hope the next 5 years of governance brings back positivity into the air.