Not everything’s fine in Bawanaland . . .

It is a sad world. I don’t think any of us come from an upbringing where we are taught to do this to our juniors. Ask yourself, are we ? Is this that we have come to learn at college, and is this the way we want to spend the days in college ? Getting fooled the first 2 years, and fooling others the next two ? This is worse than ragging. This is worse than corruption.
I am not writing this, for people to rise up in revolution against this. It doesn’t work that way. Things cannot be changed so easily. Human nature cannot be changed. I am not writing this to put people are loggerheads with each other. This is just for certain people to introspect and think what they are doing, whether it is morally and ethically right. But again, I don’t know, maybe some people are beyond that, and do not care. But anyway, my message to my juniors is, be vary, be cautious, be smart. There are a lot of people and schemes our there to fuck with you. This is how life is. After college it will probably be worse, so this where you can learn to prepare yourself for that. Learn to tread carefully in a world full of lies, deceit and conceit.

I will still ask, is it necessary to con freshers to gather money to run a society ? Are there no better means ? Isn’t it better to ask for money honestly, by showing balance sheets, and expenditures, than by making people pay for fraudulent things ?
Do you really need to earn money by teaching your juniors ? Has inflation or recession hit you that hard ?
Can’t we promote a open, co-operative ecosystem, rather than a closed and competitive one ?

The education system is already gone to dogs, but in niches within this system, exist these beautiful ecosystems consisting of students (sometimes teachers too), growing together, interacting with each other and creating awesomeness. Let’s improve them, instead of spoiling them.

And to conclude, as a tribute to one my favourite film closing sequences from Se7en, and originally quoted from Ernst Hemingway,

“DTU is a fine place, and worth fighting for”, I agree with the second part.

** P.S. There could be accusations here, that are vague and general. Painting a broad brush, which is unfair. Things mentioned here do not apply universally for all people, groups, or all situations or circumstances. There are some specific accusations too, that might be unfounded due to certain misinformation I have had, or misinterpretation of certain facts. I apologize for that.
The reality might not be as bad as I have painted, because I have focused on the negatives only, but the truth isn’t much far from what I have described as well.
I have nothing personal against any person or any decision taken by anyone. Often people are victims of circumstances. I know this article offends more people than it pleases, but trust me, that isn’t the primary objective.