Open Jetbrains IDEs at current project folder from Command Line (Mac OS)

Years of working with Linux means the only way I feel comfortable opening apps is from the command line. One of the biggest reasons why is I can cd to any folder and then open my IDE in that folder very easily. For example to open current folder in Sublime or VS Code I use -

vscode .

# -- or --

subl .

Doing the same with Jetbrains IDEs (I am a regular user of IDEA, Webstorm and CLion) used to be possible till some time ago, but somehow doesn't work out of the bat for 2018.x versions. So the first thing I tried was creating a symlink to the actual launcher script within the .app folder

sudo ln -s "/Applications/WebStorm 2018.2" /usr/bin/webstorm

Problem with that is, I have now started to use the Jetbrains Toolbox which means the .app folder in which me IDE is, keeps changing every month when I update the IDE.

This is where the open command in Mac comes in handy. You can open an app and pass arguments using the following syntax.

open -a "App Name" --args arg1 arg2

To make use of it, what I do is I keep launcher scripts in my personal bin folder like ~/usr/bin/idea and others for webstorm and clion etc. Here is what my script looks like -

This way I can launch IDEA on my current folder

idea .

Or on any folder

idea /path/to/project

Hope that helps any other fellow Mac OS users out there opening IDEs from command line :)